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business solutions

We deliver all kind of services to business throughout
Services from
Technical advice about our materials and  applications
Delivery of plastics in Europe
Product development
Production of semi finisched or complete products
Our technical skills:
- 3D printing
- Thermoforming
- lasercutters
- milling / sawing
- drilling
- glue / welding
- perforation
-  forming / bending
If you need anything like this please feel free to contact us or sent an email with you r drawing or ideas to

From simple presentation tubes to compex tubes for labaratory

custom made tray for a yacht

sercuraty camera box

Labaratory test tube


exhibiton acrylic

3D printed key chains for the Giro D'Italia in the Netherlands

lasered and bend acrylic

acrylic transparant red lasercut piece

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