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General conditions

1. Application

1.1 These general conditions apply to all offers, orders and other agreements with kunststofshop

1.2  Accepting an offer and/ or placing an order implies agreeing to these general conditions

2. Agreements

2.2  An agreement is reached after an order by a customer of Kunstofshop has been accepted. Kunststofshop is entitled to refuse orders or to ask additional information. Confirmation or refusal of an order is always done by e-mail or telephone.  

3. Prices

3.1 The prices listed with the articles are in Euros, including VAT, excluding costs of shipping and handling. The costs of shipping and handling listed in the website (heading: costs of shipping) refer to shipments within The Netherlands

3.2 Kunststofshop cannot be held to prices which have evidently been listed erroneously as a result of typing or printing errors. Erroneous prices are not legally binding.

4. Payments

4.1 Kunststofshop has 3 possibilities for payments:
- by Pay pal
- by IDEAL
- by bank / giro transfer. Payments must be made to a Kunstofshop account within 7 working days. Orders will be carried out and shipped on receipt of payment. The date payment is received on the account will be considered as the date on which payment was made.

4.2 After ordering you will receive a confirmatory e-mail. It will list which articles were ordered in which numbers, the prices of the articles/services, the costs of shipping and handling and VAT.

4.3 Should payments not be made Kunststofshop is entitled to cancel the order or postpone its completion until payment has been made.

5. Deliveries / time of delivery

5.1 Kunststofshop aims at shipping the order in the way the customer requires on average within 7 working days after receipt of payment. This period cannot be considered to be the absolute maximum.

5.2 If an order cannot be delivered on time, on account of articles being out of stock or for any other reason causing delays, the customer will be informed withn 7 days after the order has been placed.
Kunststofshop cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from delayed delivery.
The customer is entitled to cancel the order free of costs. Kunststofshop will refund payments.

5.3 deviations in colour, type, text and/or price changes are reserved.
The colour examples may differ from the real colours because of configuration differences between monitors and computers. If the customer wishes to have a better impression of the true colours, it is possible to order samples of various synthetic materials at minimal cost. Considering the production processes of synthetic materials there will always be slight variations in colour. Whether or not colour variations are within the norm is for Kunststofshop to determine.

6. Returning / exchangng an order

6.1 By means of our website we try to give the customer the best information about our products. Should a product not come up to the customer’s expectations it can be returned under certain conditions.
6.2 Products that have been processed: sawing, cutting, drilling etc. cannot be returned. Standard articles of standard sizes can be returned.
6.3 Should a product not come up to the customer’s expectations, an e-mail must be sent within 7 working days, stating what you want to return and the order number. After Kunststofshop approval the products can be returned. The costs of the return shipment are to be borne by the customer. Returns whose costs of shipping have not been fully paid cannot be accepted and payments will not be reimbursed. Returns must be received by Kunstsofshop within 10 days after approval. Articles must be clean, complete and well-packaged and with the original packer’s number. After reception and checking and return approval the customer will be reimbursed.

7. Complaints

It is our ambition to deliver the best possible synthetic material.
Should there nevertheless be any complaint, contact Kunststofshop by mail or telephone. We will try to deal with the complaint in all fairness. Should the complaint be considered grounded, the costs of the return shipment will be reimbursed.

8. Restriction of property

8.1 Property of products supplied passes to the customer only after all obligations to Kunststofshop concerning the products in question have been met in full.

9. Cancelling an order

9.1 In accordance with the law dealing with distance buying the customer has the right to cancel his order within 7 working days after placing it, without additional costs. Payments that have already be made will be credited to the customer, taking into account the stipulations of article 6.

10. Force majeur / compensations

10.1 Kunststofshop is entitled to postpone or even cancel an order in the case of force majeur.  The customer will be given written notice. No rights or compensations can be derived from this.

10.2 Kunststofshop cannot be held responsible if orders and/or communications arrive late or imperfect as a result of the use of Internet or any other means of communication between customer and Kunstsofshop.

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11.  Applicable law and qualified judge

11.1 Dutch laws are applicable to all legal relations between Kunststofshop and its customers.

11.2 All conflicts between parties will exclusively be brought before a qualified Judge in Te Netherlands.

All rights reserved. No part of this website may be copied, filed and/or distributed without written Kunststofshop permission.

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